The Revital Health Clinic has the following clinicial testing available to help you stay motivated, monitor progress and help to gather important information to get your health to its optimal. The in-house tests all come free with a consultation. You  can also come in for just testing for a small fee outside of consultations.

  • DNA testing for identification of SNP’s ( singular nucleotide polymorphism) and analysis for gene variations that can have an effect on enzyme function, nutrient metabolism and protein expression.
  • In house bio-impedance analysis for body composition, hydration, biological age, bone mass, fat, BMI and muscle analysis.
  • In house basic heavy metal urinalysis.
  • In house PH testing.
  • Stool testing using Clinical Labs and Ubiome testing for intestinal microbiome and parasite/bacterial information.
  • Comprehensive health questionnaires.
  • In house pathology test analysis.
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for in-depth heavy metals and minerals analysis.
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